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Company News >> Orthosis in rehabilitation treatment for hemiplegia I

  Orthosis in rehabilitation treatment for hemiplegia I
Orthopedic brace is external device for changing the function or structure of many neuromuscular and skeletal systems. Many hemiplegia patients caused by stroke or traumatic brain need to wear orthopedic braces in order to prevent, correct deformities and compensate for lost function.With the development of modern materials science and biomechanics, modern orthopedic brace has upgraded in development, manufacture, assembly.While the development of orthotic technology and services promotes the development of rehabilitation medicine.Specially rehabilitation therapy for patients with hemiplegia, they can return to the family and society,treatment with orthopedic brace is necessary.

Hemiplegia patients has low muscle strength, dystonia, movement control disorders, and depth of dysfunction of feeling depth and other issues, due to damage to the motor neurons Such as patient may have drop foot,pointed foot, foot inversion, toe flexion, knee flexion and knee hyperextension and other abnormal gait during walking.The main purpose of hemiplegia rehabilitation is using orthopedic braces for patients with abnormal movement patterns, spasticity control, prevention and correction for deformity.That is a kind of compensation and orthopedic treatment for the disability. But in recent years influenced by reducing the number of days of hospitalization and improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation,the purpose of using orthopedic brace in hemiplegia rehabilitation changes. Orthopedic brace should prevent misuse and disuse syndrome and promote motor function and ADL ability recovery at early rehabilitation Therefore, the concept of "therapeutic" orthopedic brace is presented.

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