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Company News >> Function and classification of orthosis I

Orthosis is a generic term of external device that is installed to human limbs, torso and other parts. It is designed to prevent or correct the limbs, trunk deformities,treat bone joint and neuromuscular disease and compensate for its function. Its object is to replace the missing muscles,prevent and correct deformities, make up for lack of strength,protect from pain,fix preoperatively and postoperatively to promote the recovery by an external force.

Orthopedic brace is applied for trunk and limbs,orthopedic splint can fit for limbs also. Orthosis is effective and reliable, durable, safe, easy to adjust.Patients is willing to accept easily. The functions of orthosis is also for treatment besides functional compensation.Orthopedic rehabilitation technology is one of four major hemiplegia rehabilitation techniques as important as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy in modern medicine.

No.1 The basic role of orthosis
1. Stable support 
limit range of motion for abnormal activity or unusual activity , stabilize joint, reduce pain, improve the load-bearing function. Lower limbs neuromuscular paralysis  orthosis can help  stabilize the joint.

2. Fix and protect 
Facilitate lesion healing by fixing limbs or trunk lesion

3. Prevent or correct deformities 
Correct bone dysplasia and bone deformities caused by external force through orthosis resistance forece. Such as deformity correction for abnormal growth and development of children 

4. Reduce load 
balancing limb or trunk bones, joints through the long axis of the load-bearing orthoses. 
Share the weight for limbs,trunk,the long axis of joints by orthosis.
Such as  The injured part of hemiplegic patient share the weight for contralateral leg.

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