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Company News >> Function and classification of orthosis II

 5. Compensation
Dynamic orthosis can compensate the weak muscles by dynamic device, to promote physical activity. The electric wheelchair can compensate for driving power for wheelchair due to the weak muscle force of upper limb.

6. Enhance confidence 
Orthotsis can correct deformity, improve various activities in daily living.That will reduce the psychological burden of patients, promote rehabilitation,restore the patient's self-confidence.

7. The treatment for hemiplegic patients 
AFO can prevent misuse and disuse syndrome for hemiplegic patients in early rehabilitation,  also promote quick rehabilitation of sports function and ADL (activities of daily living).

No.2 Orthosis classification
1. Upper limb orthosis 

upper limb orthosis includes hand orthosis (HO), wrist orthosis (WHO), elbow, wrist and hand orthosis (EWHO), shoulder, elbow, wrist hand orthosis (SEWHO). Upper limb orthosis  mainly protects the paralysis muscle, prevents antagonist from spasm, corrects  joint deformities, plays a role in supporting and correcting.

2. The lower limb orthosis 
Lower limb orthosis includes AFO (AFO), knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), knee orthosis (KO), Hip knee ankle foot orthosis (HKAFO), foot orthosis (FO). Lower limb orthosis fixes unstable joint ,compensates paralysis muscle, reduce load-bearing for the infected limb, correct deformities, and make up for the limb loss, control the involuntary motion. Lower limb orthosis,called as a "therapeutic" orthosis, prevents misuse and disuse syndrome of hemiplegic patients in current rehabilitation. That will  promote the recovery of sports function and ADL ability.The therapeutic purposes of Lower limb orthosis: fix unstable joint, facilitate the patient to leave away from the bed early, correct abnormal walking patterns, prevent and correct deformities.

3. Spinal orthosis

Spinal orthosis including scoliosis orthosis, cervical orthosis, soft and hard thoracolumbar orthosis and so on. Its role is to limit the movement of the spine, prevention and correction of spinal deformities, relieve pain, reduce vertebral load, maintain the stability of the spine, protect paralyzing muscle.


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