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Company News >> Choosing A Reasonably Priced Thigh Prosthesis

Some assume that thigh prostheses are expensive. They also do not know how to choose a reasonably priced above-knee or below-knee prosthesis. They can choose the most suitable one after understanding the price differentials between each component of this particular medical device.
Understanding the price of thigh prostheses requires knowledge of their composition. Modern thigh prostheses are essentially comprised of a modular structure. This involves six major parts: prosthetic socket, knee joint, the sole of the foot, connector, exterior ornaments, and additional accessories. The following is the effect of these components on the price of thigh prostheses.
1) Prosthetic Socket: II 
There are many types of thigh prosthesis sockets. Their price is currently determined by the choice of production technology and raw materials. However, the price of sockets does not currently affect that of prostheses. This is since Chinese consumers have not yet adopted the habit of paying for advanced technology. However, the socket requires constant replacement due to its effects on the changes in the stump. Therefore, there are multiple ways of adjusting the socket at the time of its initial assembly. It is best to choose a relatively low-priced option. After the stump's condition has stabilized, you can choose a higher-quality one. This will enhance comfort and extend its service life.
2) Knee Joint: VI 
The knee joint is the most important factor affecting the price of a thigh prosthesis. It is best to select an affordable one. A good knee joint does not necessarily have comparatively advanced functions. It is more important to consider its overall quality. A high-quality knee joint has stable functions, a low failure rate, and a long service life. Prosthesis maintenance requires the patient to shoulder costs such as time and transportation. A good prosthesis can greatly reduce these costs.
3) The Sole of the Foot: IV 
The sole of the foot is another important factor affecting the price of a thigh prosthesis. It is chosen in the same way as the knee joint.
4) Connector: III 
This component is comprised of different national standard and non-national standard connectors. During the initial assembly, the connectors are ordered as a set (along with the knee joint and the sole of the foot). However, the latter maintenance cost will increase if you want to change the connectors. This is since non-national standard connectors are much more expensive than national standard ones.
5) Exterior Ornaments: I 
Exterior ornaments have the smallest effect on the price of prostheses. Currently speaking, the primary request of the need to replace exterior ornaments is not a common occurrence. It is only a portion of patients who express a specific request for this level of the simulation of exterior ornaments. This kind of special feature also requires patients to put forth an additional expenditure.
6) Additional Accessories: II 
Some patients may require additional accessories. These include items such as a stump liner. This fulfills needs such as enhancement of comfort, as these accessories do not have a definite service life. Their impact on the price of thigh prostheses is reflected in their long-term use cost.

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