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Product name : Speed Foot
Product No. : Speed-Foot
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Speed Foot

Speed Foot is the most lightweight sports foot. It adopts excellent dynamic design. The foot plate is very comfortable and suitable for various sports. It represents the advanced and high-tech technology of sports carbon fiber foot plate.


This type of foot plate is equipped with a shock-absorbing double-layer carbon fiber keel, which is very lightweight and easy to assemble, providing a good solution for the prosthetic foot industry. Very suitable for patients with all types of mobility.


The Speed Foot uses a full-length keel, and the forefoot moment arm can match the length of the sound foot, providing better support at the end of the stance, ensuring that the prosthetic limb is as smooth as the natural limb, saving time and effort, making the gait smoother and reducing the strain on the sound limb. Impact for smooth rolling.


The split-toe design in the sole of this type of foot allows the foot to adapt to uneven surfaces, allowing amputees to walk stably and comfortably on uneven ground. It is suitable for hiking, running and walking on complex roads. It is suitable for sports enthusiasts who like simple and lightweight foot boards. Ideal for patients.



Speed Foot Specifications


Level of amputation: thigh amputation, calf amputation

Impact level: high to low

Maximum load limit: 166KG

Level: 1-9

Size: 22-27

Foot weight (size 27): 712g (including foot covers and tabi socks)

Structure height (size 27): 155mm (including male square pyramid and foot covers)

Heel height: 10mm

Connector selection: male square pyramid


Features: Push tibia forward, dynamic heel, full length forefoot moment arm, proportional response,midfoot split toe,vertical shock absorption

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